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You are faced with a customer complaint and your line manager is busy, how do you react:

You need onions for a pizza straight away, you notice that you have one left, do you:

The shop is busy and there are customers standing waiting to be served, do you:

You are running late for work, do you:

A customer has been very rude and difficult with you, do you:

A customer asks for three fish suppers but you only have enough fish for two. Do you:

You have enough chips for four suppers, you have two customers who have been waiting five minutes on a special fish, a third customer comes in and orders two suppers which you have all the ingredients for. Do you:

Do you drive?

What’s your favourite item from the chippy?

Can you work out what the price of the following order would be:
A Fish Supper, a small Sausage Supper, a bag of chips, a Haggis Single and a 10" Cheese pizza.

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Good luck.